Handmade Baby Blankets &
Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Baby Boys or Baby Girls

Each Baby Talk Blanket is handmade in the USA with special attention to detail that only a mother could possess! We combine luxurious, high quality fabrics with bright, modern colors and prints so that today's mothers don't have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. Indeed, Baby Talk makes it easy for moms and little ones by soothing them with our plush baby blankets, even while maintaining a sense of personal style.

Baby Talk Blankets is a woman owned business that creates cute, handcrafted, unique gifts for mothers and babies.

Whether you are buying something for your own bundle of joy or a special baby shower gift for a mother-to-be, the Baby Talk collection of blankets, bath products and more is an exciting alternative to mass produced baby gifts.


Utter Contentment

We stumbled upon the adorable bitty blankets. I bought one, fingers crossed, and she immediately adopted it. This was in July and she will still go nowhere without it. She wants nothing to do with the original lovey and actually sighs with a sound of utter contentment when she picks up "Snuggly" and hugs it.
~Angela S


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